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Individual Instruction

*Due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, we have pivoted our lesson options:  As of June 2021, students will have the option for in-person lessons (with COVID precautions) or online lessons via Zoom* 


Individual lessons are the cornerstone of our studio.  Weekly lessons include sightreading, improvisation, theory, composition, and technique.  Our music is as eclectic as our students. Beginning and intermediate students combine traditional method books selections with other music that inspires them, with guidedance by Ms. Anna.   Classical, rock, country, broadway, folk- we're open to it all.

More than just piano

We are active creators!  Students have the opportunity to work on songwriting/composing projects, and record their own music each semester.  All students are exposed to the fundamentals of music production and recording technology. Other friends who play instruments are welcome to visit lessons to collaborate on projects as well. 


Music is something we create together! Our year-long calendar of  group lessons, online workshops,  student performances, and online community forums for parents bring us closer together as musicians and as a community.  The Music House is growing the next generation of audiences and musicians!

Lessons are open to adults of all skill levels! Its never too late to learn something new or increase your skills! Stay tuned for announcements for new online workshops!


Classes can be tailored for pros and hobbyists alike.  Have a topic you'd like to explore? Contact us with what you have in mind!