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Lessons are most successful when students are prepared.  Students are expected to develop consistent practice habits, doing their best each week to meet their established practice goal. Students and parents and expected to fill out and sign the weekly practice report.  If a student has three consecutive weeks with no practice, a conference will happen between teacher, student, and parent.  At that time student will be given three more weeks to establish consistent practice.  If no changes are made, the student will be dismissed from the studio. 


Regular attendance is crucial to success in piano study. All students will have lessons once per week. Students are expected to make every effort to arrive on time with all needed materials and a open mind!  In the case of changing schedules/conflicts during the semester, we offer the following options.

  1. You may reschedule your weekly lesson by using the swap list/shared calendar.  

  2. You may schedule a Skype/Facetime lesson during your regular lesson time, if you are unable to come to the studio.

  3. You may schedule a make-up during one of the designated "make-up" days, in the case of illness that prevents use of swap list and/or Skype.

  • In the case of illness, please try to give 24 hours notice. It can be difficult, with sick children, to give that much notice, but please give as much notice as possible. This will allow us to decide which option is best: Skype lesson or schedule a time during one of the "make-up days", or possibly use the swap list.  If your child missed school due to illness please schedule a make up lesson- a healthy lesson is a much happier lesson!  Phone or “Skype” lessons during the student’s regular lesson time are alsoan option for those that are mildly sick

  • Occasionally, I have a conflict that requires me to reschedule lessons (performance, activity for one of my own children, etc).  In that event, I will give you at least 1 week's notice before rescheduling., and will use the Skype/Facetime lesson option as much as possible to avoid disruption in lesson attendance.


As part of each semester's registration, you will be asked to opt in for our studio swap list.  This will be a contact list (along with lesson times) for other students in the studio.  You are not obligated to join, as your privacy is important to us! But, joining this list will allow you to reschedule and swap lesson times with other studio families.  Using this list can prevent excessive absences, and allow for greater flexibility in scheduling.  I encourage everyone to make use of it.   For ease of use, please observe the following:

  • I must be informed prior to and after arranging a swap.

  • No make-up lessons will be given if any confusion from this arises.

  • Should 2 people arrive at once, I will teach the one whose lesson is normally

    at that time.

  • If you have more than 2 swap requests in a month, I will ask that we find a new permanent lesson time. 



I am unable to extend lesson times for students who arrive late for their lesson.  I am unable to offer make-ups of any kind for students who do not show up at their designated lesson time.  


Tuition is based on per semester rates. At this rate, the student is guaranteed that I will be prepared and present to teach 16 weeks per semester. Tuition must be paid by the 5th of each month.  

  • 30-minute private lessons is $408, divided into 4 monthly payments of $102.

  • 45-minute private lessons is $612, divided into 4 monthly payments of $153.

  • 60-minute private lessons is $816, divided into 4 monthly payments of $204. 

 Each semester's tuition payments are in 4 equal amounts, OR families can choose to pay for a full semester at a discounted rate. 

  • Fall Tuition payments:  September- December.  

  • Spring Tuition payments: Jan-April

  • Summer session: June

Semester/ Monthly fees for 2019-2020 are as follows:

30 minute, weekly individual lessons: $398 (discounted rate for semester)/$102 month payment x 4

45 minute, weekly individual lessons: $592 (discounted rate for semester)/$153 month payment x 4

1 hr, weekly individual lessons: $798 (discounted rate for semester)/ $204 payment x 4

  • Accepted methods of payment: credit card via square (in studio), online through website (via paypal), check, or cash.

  • Tuition not received by the 5th is subject to a $35 late fee. 


Students will take 4 lessons (or the equivalent) during our summer session  in order to secure their slot in the studio for the following school year.  

Open communication is essential to a good relationship between parent, teacher and student. Parents: Please read your child’s assignment each week, sign their practice sheet and be involved in listening to them play at home. I welcome questions of any kind during the course of your child’s piano study. You may contact me via phone, text, or email.  I make every effort to return all messages within 24 hours.  


My conference hours (best time to conference with me on the phone) are between 10AM-Noon. Unfortunately, I am not able to take time to conference in between lessons, due to my full teaching schedule.  However, I am happy to take part of your child's lesson time to discuss issues, if needed. Talking with you gives me insight into your child’s learning style and any difficulties they may be experiencing at home or in the lesson. Please do not hesitate to call or email me. I make every effort to return messages within 24 hours.


Should you need to end your piano study, one month’s notice is required. During this time it is my hope that we can have a respectful end to lessons.





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