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Studio Policy

The Music House values

  • CURIOSITY & CREATION: we bring an open mind to each lesson

  • TECHNOLOGY AS A TOOL: we use technology in each lesson and in at-home practice.

  • COMMITMENT: we show our commitment through consistent practice and lesson attendance.

Studio Policies for Individual Lessons (online/in-person)


Studio Schedule - Lessons will take place every week from  August 22- Dec 17 (Fall Session), Jan 9 - May 5 (Spring Session) and June - July (Summer session). Below you will find dates for no lessons 

  • Labor Day (Sept 5), Thanksgiving (11/21-25), Winter Break (Dec 19 - Jan 7), Spring Break (March 13-17)

Books, Instrument, & Other Materials

Required books/music will be given to students in lessons, or will be uploaded to shared google drive folder. Email link provided to the parent for printing of any needed materials

Please have the following for lessons/practice 

  • Acoustic or weighted digital piano

  • Metronome (I recommend a digital metronome, or the Super Metronome app)

  • Device for accessing google drive (for reading assignment pages, videos, printing music)

  • Binder & recently used books


Missed Lessons/Cancellations/Late Arrival:  I am unable to extend lesson times for students who arrive late for their lesson and unable to offer make-ups of any kind for absences with no prior notice.  In the case of conflicts/illness during the semester, we offer the following options. 

• Lesson via zoom during your regular lesson time, if you are unable to come to the studio. 

• Recorded video lessons, shared with the student, in place of a live lesson missed due to illness.  It will contain the same activities/assignments that would have been given at the regular, live lesson time.  

Teacher absence: In the event of illness or a conflict that requires me to be absent I will shift lessons online, share pre-recorded video lessons with students, or offer reschedule options. 

Tuition & Payment: 

Tuition is based on per semester rates and can be paid per semester (with a 5% discount) or by month (due by the 5th of each month).


Tuition for continuing students for the 2022 Fall Session

  • 30-minute private lessons is $660/semester, or 4 monthly payments of $175.  

• 45-minute private lessons is $1000/semester, or 4 monthly payments of $262.

• 60-minute private lessons is $1360/semester, or 4 monthly payments of $350.


Payment must be made via our online payment portal:


  • COVID-19 policy: * Any student with a fever above 99 in the  past 24 hours, COVID-19 symptoms, or positive COVID test within the last 5 days MAY NOT attend in-person lessons. Zoom lessons during the student’s regular lesson time are an option for those that are mildly sick. We will schedule a make up for those students too ill for a zoom lesson.

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