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Start playing piano right away

in this 1 hour workshop!

  • be able to play chord changes for 2 songs

  •  master 6 essential piano chords to play countless other tunes

  • kickstart your music reading skills to learn to play your favorite songs

JOIN US February 22

 learn live online from anywhere 


watch the replay!

Kickstart your Piano !

Smiling female piano instructor, sitting at the piano.
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ANNA LARSON, instructor & C.O.O.


  • Notation & Chord Basics

    • Play any chord!

    • Treble clef + melodies

  • Learn Basic Chord Changes  for 2 Favorite Tunes 

    • Break down how to play chords in the for the LH​ for each 

    • Bonus: Learn the melody for RH too

  • 6 Essential Chords for playing almost any song

  • Bonus: lifetime access to PDFs practice materials

Join in live or on the replay!!


Hi I'm Anna Larson- chief creative officer at The Music House and instructor for the Free 2024 Piano Kickstart Workshop. I've been supporting piano students for over 20 years, been a performing pianist and songwriter for over 20 years, and have followed my own path from playing the the "right way" like I was taught, to unlocking the ability to play in a way I knew was somewhere inside me.  

Dreamed of finally making time to learn the piano? This is THE event for you! Join me for a fun workshop where I will help you kickstart some piano playing for the new year!

Once you sign up:

  • You'll get a confirmation email with the zoom link to join the workshop, and then

  • An email following the workshop with the replay link & any downloadable resources

Fingers Playing Piano Keys

What other students are saying....

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