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Free 3-Day Piano Challenge

Gain confidence and creativity at the piano in this free 3 day class! Kickstart your creativity for 2023!

You'll walk away with:

  • skills to play chord progressions PLUS

  •  easy  improv tricks

  • 1 song 

    that brings all the skills together

We'll go live Tues Jan 10 - Thurs Jan 12 at 11AM CT

Anna_ Larson_63851591.jpg

Challenge Outline:

Day 1: Review and refresh your keyboard basics!

            Learn the important secret to black-keys    

            Get comfortable with improvising- trust me, its possible!

Day 2: Chords (AKA a piano player's secret weapon)

     Learn how to build them & options for what to do with them

Day 3: Pulling the pieces together + bonus chord tips!

            Learn a full song with chords!

Hi I'm Anna Larson- chief creative officer at The Music House and instructor for the Free Confident & Creative Piano Challenge. I've been supporting piano students for over 20 years, been a performing pianist and songwriter for over 20 years, and have followed my own path from playing the the "right way" like I was taught, to unlocking the ability to play in a way I knew was somewhere inside me.

Once you sign up, this will happen:

You'll get an email with the link to watch, and then an email each day for the 3 days of the challenge with each day's challenge link to attend live (replays available, but live is best!) and any free worksheets, keeping you on track & connected for the whole challenge


What other students are saying....

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