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Anna Larson
Piano Kickstart


creative piano classes for busy adults and teens

welcome home to

We're glad you're here! This is a place where we believe EVERYONE deserves to play music- no matter how hectic their schedule!
This is a place where everyone gets to



Busy teen who LOVES to play piano...
but school activities make it REALLY hard
to stick to a traditional lesson schedule?

You've always wanted to play the piano...
but between career & family, you're
finding it hard to carve out time for yourself?

Good news! You've found THE  place for busy people who want unlock the secrets to playing their favorite music at the piano AND do it in a way that fits right in with their lifestyle!

Hi! I'm Anna Larson- performer, educator and Chief Creative Officer at The Music House.  I am passionate about helping others find new ways to create, find time to chase beauty and tap into their unique voice! I'm a life-long pianist, mom to three teens and singer-songwriter who knows *all* the music my piano teachers never approved of!  

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You are invited to join us at The Music House, where we offer:


  • an online piano membership for busy adults



  • personalized self-paced video lessons for adults, middle & high schooler students

  • one-to-one instruction for adults,

       middle & high school students​

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