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Piano Kickstart


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Hi, I'm Anna Larson!

Welcome to The Music House. Ready to play piano like you've always wanted? I've been sharing my love of the piano with students just like you for over 20 years. I've been on a lifelong journey to unlock my individual self through piano- and I can't wait to share what I've learned with you! Join us!

Always wanted to learn piano but don't think you have the time?

Want to play music- but don't want the type of lessons you had as a kid?

Want to learn in a fun environment and meet other people just like you?

Welcome to Piano Kickstart...


Here's what you'll learn in your 6 week, live, online class!
Choose from 2 levels!

Beginner 1 

NEW!! Beginner 2

PLUS these exclusive bonuses!

Fun, supportive, modern piano classes for busy adults.  Join us!


This sounds great! What next?

Great! To join us simply:

  • Hit the blue button to register for a class

  • Receive your confirmation with your zoom link

  • On your class day, have a keyboard instrument of any kind & a device to run zoom (laptop or tablet recommended!)

Ready to get started, but have questions?

I get it! You're busy, and you want to make sure this class is right for you. Read on for answers to some common student questions:

  • I took piano a long time ago- I'm not sure I remember anything! Don't worry! Piano Kickstart is  designed for beginners and people who've had some piano in the past, no matter how long ago. 

  • I'm really busy- how much practice will I need to do?  You will learn the "Five Minute Practice Plan" to make the most out of even the smallest amounts of time. 

  • I'm not tech savvy. Will set up be difficult? All you need is zoom (on a laptop/computer or tablet preferably) and an instrument of some kind. No fancy microphones or cameras needed. You will receive a short tutorial video on a few easy tips on using zoom during the class.  

  • How does an music class work online? ​​Students stay  muted BUT hear and play along with anyone who is unmuted (the instructor or fellow students)- getting the experience of playing with others!   For students comfortable, there is time to unmute and play for each other throughout the class.   

More questions? Ask away:

Ready to join us?
Hit the blue button!

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