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One-to-One Piano Lessons

Self-motivated? Ready to invest time and energy into growing your piano abilities? Great! I'm here for it- and here for YOU!

One on One lessons are perfect for students who:

  • are self-motivated

  • ready to invest time and energy into the craft of playing piano

  • independent learners (and have the support of family!)

  • ready to move at an accelerated pace

  • have a specific area of interest (preparation for auditions, professional musicians looking to learn a second instrument, intensive instruction in music theory, advanced classical piano repertoire)

Individual lessons Individual lessons provide the most personal and customized lesson experience!  Each semester Anna offers a very limited number of one on one piano lesson slots! 


These weekly lessons include:

  • one on one instruction time with Anna Larson, either in our South Austin studio or via zoom

  • lessons that are tailored specifically to their musical interest and skill level! Classical, rock, country, broadway, folk- we're open to it all.

  • lessons in sightreading, improvisation, theory, composition, and technique. 

  • music production lessons and mini-recording sessions

  • studio resources including: Boston grand piano, Nord Electro, Logic Pro

  • digital lesson notes and resources

  • options for studio-wide performances twice a year

*Due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, students will have the option for in-person lessons (mask-optional with COVID precautions) or online lessons via Zoom. In keeping with local health recommendations, we will re-evaulate if situations arise that cause us to go exclusively online for the protection of our community.* 

Anna Larson

A great friendly atmosphere and wonderful environment for music!

Allan Sosa

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