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A La Carte Lessons!

Think you don't have time to commit to lessons?

Frustrated with a busy schedule?

I've got you! Take your lessons "a la carte"!

3 easy steps:

  • Click the button to see the open slots in my calendar

  • Select a date, register & pay all from the same spot

  • Show up at your lesson & be awesome!

Online or in-person, ALL levels welcome!

Personalized attention of one-on-one lessons + flexibility for  your schedule.

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A little or a lot...

Take as many lessons as you have time for! No need to worry about missing (or trying to reschedule!) a weekly lesson time when your schedule changes. You're taking lessons a la carte!

Hi I'm Anna Larson- chief creative officer at The Music House and I'll be your coach for your a la carte lesson!  I've been supporting piano students for over 20 years, been a performing pianist and songwriter for over 20 years, and have followed my own path from playing the the "right way" to unlocking the freedom to play in a way I knew was somewhere inside me.

Join me for drop in lessons where I will support you in whatever your goals are at the piano. Absolute beginners, advanced pianists, and everyone in-between welcome!

When you sign up, this will happen:

  • You'll select from online or in-person, and answer a couple short questions regarding your goals for the session, and pay for your lesson via secure PayPal link.

  • You'll immediately receive a confirmation email with zoom link or physical location details.

  • Plus you'll receive an email reminder the day before your lesson!

  • You'll have an energizing & creative piano lesson at a time that feels great for you!


What other students are saying....

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